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What are pests?

  • Pests are a species that include insects, rodents and parasites proven to carry a substantial amount of diseases and bacteria, which can harmfully impact the health and wellbeing of families and homes.
  • Pests tend to also cause damage to households – an example of this is the destruction rodents cause to wood, brick and cement as they chew through, weakening your property.
  • As they begin to grow and lay eggs, they feed off and live in unseen corners and areas of your home.
  • Pests can be harmful to the agriculture of your home. They have the ability to destroy gardens growing both food and plants.
  • Pests may also be harmful to any home pets as they may cause irritation and can try to live in and find food within pet homes and live in even the fur of pets.

Factors affecting pest growth

  • Your home location – pests are more prone to be attracted to and intrude on homes that are located near bush areas and the woods.
  • Failed pest control – prior pest controls may have not effectively destroyed pests and have not proven strong enough to avoid any future pest invasions.
  • Home materials – different types of pests are attracted to different materials within the household, including certain furniture, appliances (for example; wooden) and certain foods.
  • Home conditions – homes that tend to be less clean, attract more pests.
  • Neglecting your home – failing to properly clean your home from built-up bacteria and dust and rotten food stored in cupboards and fridges will attract pests to search for food and areas to live in.

What is pest control?

  • Pest control is managing the removal of pests that tend to live within and outside buildings and impact and disturbs human activities.
  • Pest control is important to manage and destroy any growth these pests may have, and make it inhabitable for them to survive.
  • Pest control is the use of pesticide – either general use or restricted use.
  • A method to perform effective pest control is to bait pests that either destroy them or prevent them from reproducing.

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