6 tips to prevent termites

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6 tips to prevent termites from infesting your home

  1. Reduce moisture

Termites are attracted to moisture and love being around it. Reducing moisture around the inside of your home, including around your window seals, washing machine and dishwasher will help reduce termites being drawn towards your home.

  1. Properly store wood and paper

Wood and paper are known to be termite food. Reduce the quantity of wood mulch in your home and make sure any timber waste, cardboard and firewood are stored off the floor and away from your home.

  1. Avoid plant watering and watering systems

Preventing termite’s means watering plants should be done, and any water systems should be placed adjacent to your home. Having gardens, water sprinklers and taps (especially when leaking) right outside your house will lead termite’s right towards it. Leakages inside your home will also attract termites.

  1. Organise your home

De-cluttering is so important to prevent termites from living inside and under your home. Any heavy and unsorted storage should not be placed towards the edges of your home as you will be unable to see termite break-ins. Make sure to clean storage regularly as termites find it comfortable to live in untouched places, especially if stored in wood or cardboard boxes (making great termite food).

  1. Fix any leaks

Regularly check for any leakages in your home and get them fixed! It will create a moist environment generating a termite living situation.

  1. Borate your wood before painting or priming

Borate is a termite repellent. To prevent termites from nibbling onto your wooden appliances at home, paint your wooden doors, window frames, furniture, etc with Borate and allow the wood to soak up the repellent.

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