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Silverfish, Carpenter Bees, Carpenter Ants and Other Pests

  1. SILVERFISH: Silverfish are small, wingless insects which can be found in people's homes. They are considered pests due to their diet of starch and dextrin. This translates into a diet of bookbindings, clothing, coffee, glue, hair, paper, photos, plaster and sugar.

  2. CARPENTER BEES: Carpenter bees are large colourful wood-boring bees that resemble bumblebees. They are known for building nests within wooden structures such as siding, fascia boards and log homes. The tunnels created by the female bee eventually weakens the wood by allowing water to get into the holes which then causes wood rot.

  3. CARPENTER ANTS: Carpenter ants are ranging from 3.4 to 13mm long. Similar to carpenter bees, carpenter ants are capable of causing damage to wooden structures. They cut spaces into the wood grain to form nests and provide passageways for movement from one section to the other. They do not eat wood so they are not as destructive as termites, but their presence can still be a great nuisance for homeowners.
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