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Woodboring beetles are commonly detected a few years after new construction.  The lumber supply may have contained wood, infested with beetle eggs or larvae and since beetle life cycles can be one or more years, several years may pass before the presence of beetles becomes noticeable.  In many cases, the beetles will be of a type that only attacks living wood.

Genuine infestations are far more likely in areas with high humidity such as poorly ventilated crawl spaces and some species will infest furniture and some beetles invade wood used in construction and furniture making. The following lists some of those beetles that are house pests:

  • Ambrosia beetle 
  • Common furniture beetle 
  • Deathwatch beetle 
  • Flat-headed wood-borer
  • Powderpost beetle  * Old house borer.

Severe wood borer infestations will require you to replace your entire furniture. Rex Pest Control offers specialized wood borer treatment services to protect and prevent the wooden structure and furniture from any form of future infestations.

Only an experienced technician is able to treat wood borer infestation. That’s why our team of experts will be the perfect choice for you. Rex Pest Control takes pride in using advanced approaches to provide exceptional wood borer pest control. Wood borer infestations are difficult to control, to avoid that protective measures should take place at every stage. For active wood-boring beetle infestation, we offer effective treatment by spraying and brushing.

The borer control in Sydney offered by Rex Pest Control will protect your home from new invaders. In case they find their way to your property, just contact us and we will offer the best pest control for wood borer pests in Australia.

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