How often should you spray your home?

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How often should you spray your home?

  • There are a few factors that affect how often you should be spraying your home to eliminate pests.
  • You should be spraying your home up to 4 times a year; however, depending on the location of and the types of pests you are frequently finding in your home, you could be spraying your home monthly.
  • If it is common for you to find pests such as cockroaches, rodents and fleas, it is recommended that you should be spraying your home every 2-3 months. However, if your home is located in an area infested by ants, monthly pest control is recommended.
  • The exterior of your home should be sprayed every 3-4 months, and will also assist in reducing pest infestation in the interior of your home.
  • Additional to these factors, different chemicals perform differently in every home. Find what pest control is best for your home and protect it.

How do you clean your home before and after pest control?

  • Before you spray your home, it is very important that you have thoroughly cleaned the interior of your home, in specifics mopping the floor.
  • Mopping will provide smooth surfaces to your home and help bind the pesticide ensuring long and effective pest prevention.
  • After the pesticide dries within the interior and on the exterior of your home, which should be after 30 minutes, you should clean your home.
  • In doing so, it is best to avoid cleaning towards the edges of your home, including corners and wall edges. This should be avoided for up to 6-8 weeks.
  • Regarding children and pets, it is best to avoid them entering the areas which have been sprayed until after your home has been dried and cleaned to avoid any possible reactions to the chemicals used.
  • Regular cleaning including mopping and sweeping should be performed within the first couple weeks of having sprayed your home.
  • It is normal for dying or dead pests to appear randomly in your home, especially under fridges, kitchen cabinets and dishwashers.
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