5 signs that you have mice in your home

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If you’re worried that you might have mice running around your home, here are some helpful signs that there are indeed mice in your home.

  1. Mice droppings

Mice droppings are the most common sign that you have mice running around your home. They are usually moist and quite dark in colour. Over time, they dry out and lose their colour. They will then crumble easily. The mice droppings will usually be found along walls, near food packaging, under sinks and in cupboards.

  1. Noises

If you’re constantly hearing scratching noises coming from your ceiling, it is likely you have an animal hiding in there! If there are mice in your ceiling, it is usually a fainter scratching sound that you will hear mostly at night when it’s dead quiet.

  1. Gnaw marks

If you suddenly start finding holes or gnaw marks on food packaging, bedding, clothing or the structures of your home – it’s a sign that you may have mice in your house. Smaller holes are usually mice and bigger ones will be rats.

  1. Bad odours

Mice urinate quite frequently. Their urine usually has a strong off-putting smell that lingers for a while. The stronger the smell, the closer you are to the mice! It is usually around the area that they frequently are or travel in.

  1. Nests

If you find little nests of random paper shreddings and soft materials, it is likely you have mice in your house! Mice find these materials throughout your home and create themselves a nest. If a mice nest is found combined with other signs mentioned, you may have a mice infestation happening.

How do I know if I have mice in my home?

If you’re still unsure whether you have mice in your home or not, it’s important to give your local professional pest control team to get rid of the possible mice infestation. We know how icky mice can be and they’re definitely one pest you don’t want in your home! Here at Rex Pest Control, we are professionals in clearing out rat infestations quickly and at an affordable price. Give our friendly team a call today on 0452 451 954 for a free no-obligation quote.

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